Big Score winner’s trip to New York City: “It was amazing!”

Kathy Cuthbert was one of our daily Big Score winners in the 2016 Choices Lottery, and she chose a dream prize package and vacation – a trip to New York City to watch an NHL game at Madison Square Garden in November, to watch Vancouver play NY in one of the world’s most famous arenas, in the city that never sleeps.

“It was amazing!” she told us after her trip, after returning from New York and seeing Vancouver win 5-3. “New York City is so busy and vibrant and there is so much to do. We had beautiful weather and did lots of walking and took buses all over the place.”

15 Magical European Towns We’d Love to Visit

You know Paris, London, Rome, and Barcelona. But Europe is so much more than just its busiest, most popular cities – there are magical medieval villages, beautiful hilltop homes and towns, cobblestone streets and lovely lakes. There are places where time hasn’t laid a finger, where postcards come to life.

These are some of the best – some of the places we’d love to see in 2017!

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