Throwback: Reporter Wins Grand Prize On-Air

“It was just one of those life-changing moments for the better… I think back on it once and a while, I still can’t believe it.”

About 14 years ago, Barry Deley’s daughter was a leukemia patient at the BC Children’s Hospital. Seven years later, they bought a ticket for a BC Children’s Hospital Lottery as they do every year and Barry got a call while he was grocery shopping from his friends at work, on-air, at Global BC News.

“It could not have happened to a nicer guy” was the sentiment across their office afterwards. Barry and his family took the win and chose a 4,000-square foot home with a lovely backyard and plenty of beautiful furniture, part of a Grand Prize package worth over $2.5 million.

Squire Barnes and Sophie Lui heard the name during the draw and were naturally pretty shocked. They decided to give Barry a call directly on-air while he was grocery shopping to let him know. As they talked, natural jokes about taking a break from work surfaced, as Sophie and Squire quipped with their stunned colleague.

“I’m not even kidding, I had a dream about something like this happening..”

Watch Squire Barnes and Sophie Lui call Barry Deley on-air to let him know the good news.

A few months later we caught up with Barry to talk to him about how the win affect him and his life, and why purchasing tickets have always been so important to him and his family.

Watch as Erin Cebula and Barry Deley talk after he won his beautiful new home in Port Moody.

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