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Serena’s Story

At just 21, Serena Bonneville exemplifies strength and courage.

She is a gifted athlete who, at just 16, helped lead her soccer team to the provincials. Teachers and students voted her the “head girl” of her school’s student body. If soccer and school work did not take up her schedule completely, Serena was also an active organizer in school activities and starred in the school production of Doubt.

Serena excelled in her studies and was looking into some of the region’s most prestigious universities, when her world came to an abrupt stop. On October 10, 2013, Serena was diagnosed with leukemia and had to put her active lifestyle on hold as she would have to endure months of treatment at BC Children’s Hospital.

Though cancer invaded her body, she still found ways to keep her sanity, such as writing humorous posts about her ordeal in her blog Breeding Optimism.

“These cancer cells really better watch their back,” wrote Serena on October 14, 2013. “They picked the wrong body to mess with.”

Some nine months later, Serena was in maintenance mode, equipped with medications and ready to press play to her “new normal” life. As she promised, she beat her cancer and went on to graduate high school, and is now currently finishing her degree at Simon Fraser University.

You can read all of Serena’s story on her personal blog, Breeding Optimism, where she details her inspiring journey and recovery.

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