Grand Prize Walkthrough: Mirabel, in English Bay

The Mirabel, an upcoming development in English Bay, is the site of a Grand Prize choice for the lottery this year. We decided to go and take a peek at the sales centre and show home, which is identical to the home in their building that we’re giving away. Take a look!

SuiteMovie: Mirabel from Designstor on Vimeo.

As you walk into the Mirabel’s show home, and potentially your future home, you’re struck immediately by a sense of efficiency. Anything you find in this 1,336 square foot home is where it needs to be, and is given the appropriate space to be what it was designed to be.

Everything from the kitchen to the couches, and to the decor in the office or bedrooms is appropriately chosen, placed, and displayed. You might expect this from a display home but it comes with a sense of comfort. We wanted to sink into the couch, cook on the stove, and read the books.

See below for more photos from the show home that we took!

This kitchen drew us in immediately. It was hard not to throw on the gas range and cook a few meals.

The bedrooms are comfortable and serene. Walking into the master bedroom was like walking into a spa, and it was hard not to get under the covers and doze off in the middle of the day.

The balcony here at the Mirabel is nothing to scoff at either. It’s clear that Marcon pulled out all the stops, including beautiful outdoor furniture, a massive barbecue, and absolutely awe-inspiring sliding doors leading outside.

We absolutely love what they’ve done with accent items across the home as well with unique matte pastel colours working well with all the white counters, glass tables, and wood floors.

Tickets are available here, on our website, and all the proceeds from those tickets go directly to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. You can go to the Cause page here as well to see more on where that money goes and how it helps children in our province, the rest of the country, and even across the world at large.

The Mirabel sales centre and show home are open on the weekend from 12 to 5 (1283 Davie Street. Vancouver, BC) and are operated by Marcon.

The kitchen absolutely blew our minds.

The counters in the main bathroom.

The physical models of the apartment buildings.

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